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Fri @ 6:00 am
May 2011

Blip Festival 2011 – Up Now: Ultrasyd – NO CARRIER

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  Check them out on the WFMU.org Webcast!

Did you remember to book your flight/schedule a cruise/make a stowaway kit?
Thu @ 12:00 am
Aug 2012

BlipTokyo 2012 Tickets On Sale!

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BlipFestival.org has begun selling tickets and will continue do so until they run out or at Noon on October 18th, … Continue →

Tokyo Blip 2012 Saturday NOW: Ultrasyd / CHiKA
Sat @ 8:15 am
Oct 2012

Tokyo Blip 2012 Saturday NOW: Ultrasyd / CHiKA

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Tokyo Blip Festival 2012 Saturday: UltraSyd with visuals by CHiKA Photos courtesy of Ugly Machine and Pixel for Team Falsebit

Found an awesome dude on the streets of Tokyo
Sun @ 8:30 am
Oct 2012

Post-Tokyo Blip 2012 Sunday Wind-down

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Where to go after Hip Tanaka plays BlipFest out? What to do with these amazing experiences and memories? Meet super awesome … Continue →

Tokyo Blipfestival 2012 Saturday Recap
Sun @ 12:00 pm
Oct 2012

Tokyo Blip Festival 2012 Saturday Recap

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Tokyo Blip Festival 2012 Saturday Photos courtesy of Ugly Machine and Pixel for Team Falsebit The path to Koenji High: … Continue →

Fri @ 12:00 am
Jun 2013

Canada Finally Lifts Ban on UltraSYD

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Join Toy Company this Saturday, June 15th, for a really special show at Foonzo! Located on 1245 rue in downtown … Continue →

I/O go down the Rabbithole
Sun @ 12:00 am
Jun 2013

June I/O Chipmusic Around the Corner

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This month’s I/O comes from deep down the rabbit hole, Rabbithole Studios in Brooklyn that is. Take the F-train to … Continue →

Break out the laser guitars and the shoulder pads!
Tue @ 12:00 am
Jun 2013

This month’s I/O photos from the Rabbithole

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Coverage of this month’s I/O is brought to you by pixel and Ugly Machine for Team Falsebit. Featured musicians are ultra-slacker Ultrasyd, Brooklyn-based Rockman, … Continue →

Manchester, Liverpool, in nostalgic harmony!
Thu @ 12:00 am
Jun 2013

Only 77 days until SuperByte 2013

Last year SuperByte 2012 was a musical and cultural first for Manchester in the form of an all-day micromusic and … Continue →