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Sat @ 5:00 am
Mar 2012

Oh look, BlipFest tickets are on sale now for some reason

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You still have to wait until April 3rd to get your 3-day passes from BlipFest.org, but single-day tickets are on … Continue →

Chipocrite, GameStop. High noon.
Sat @ 12:00 am
Apr 2012

Chiptune Artist Debuts Across Nation in Televised Ad

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GameStop is offering a special deal, and they wanted someone to create a chippy-theme for its spaghetti-western-styled commercial. Pennsylvania Artist … Continue →

Did you remember to book your flight/schedule a cruise/make a stowaway kit?
Thu @ 12:00 am
Aug 2012

BlipTokyo 2012 Tickets On Sale!

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BlipFestival.org has begun selling tickets and will continue do so until they run out or at Noon on October 18th, … Continue →