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Sat @ 5:00 am
Apr 2010

The Next Great NYC Disaster Film: Pixels

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What would you do if the light at the end of the subway tunnel came from the mouth of an … Continue →

Tue @ 5:00 am
Jan 2011

8-bitscapes: When Pixels Attack

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Artist Jamie Sneddon & photographer Kevin Rozario-Johnson have joined forces to conceive a gallery of familiar 80s avatars playfully rendered … Continue →

Disney/Marvel/Nintendo's new nostalgia game, er, movie!
Tue @ 12:00 am
Jun 2012

Pixar goes back to 8-bit with Wreck-it Ralph

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  Announced almost a year ago, make sure you don’t forget Wreck-it Ralph, a production of Disney and Pixar that’ll … Continue →

Welcome to the Pac-Man Room. Enjoy your stay.
Sat @ 12:00 am
Sep 2012

Pac-Man Takes Up Entire Room… Literally

  Analog, Digital      electricalkat      0 Comments

On August 24th to 26th of 2012, Babycastles hosted a summit with Katamari Damacy’s game designer, Keita Takahashi.  Along with … Continue →

Tue @ 12:00 am
Jun 2013

Video Game Week Continues

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Late Night with Jimmy Fallon continues Video Game Week tonight with guests Jerry Seinfeld and a Sony PS4 demo at … Continue →