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Where's a power pellet when you need one?
Fri @ 12:00 am
Jul 2012

The Ghost Dance! The Ghost Dance!

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This weekend will be HOPE Number 9′s Chip Music Concert: The Ghost Dance Movement with guests Rhinostrich, Notendo, Craphazzard, No … Continue →

9-8-2012 Control-Flow NYC
Wed @ 12:00 am
Sep 2012

Photos from CONTROL-FLOW 09-2012

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Photo Coverage of CONTROL-FLOW last Saturday (Sept 8th, 2012 @ Suburbia, 330 Melrose St., Brooklyn) courtesy of Ugly Machine for … Continue →

End of the world, might as well go out with a party!
Sat @ 12:00 am
Dec 2012

It’s the end. It’s ARMAGEDDONWAVE NYC!

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Taking place six days before we have to flip over our Mayan calendars, this month’s Pulsewave will be armageddon themed! … Continue →

This Was Armageddonwave
Sun @ 1:12 am
Jan 2013


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Photo Coverage of the this past ARMAGEDDONWAVE (Pulsewave on 12-15-2012) @ TADA Youth Center (15 W28th St, NYC) with Kedromelon, … Continue →