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Wii this -- SNES U!
Sat @ 12:00 am
Jun 2012

SNES-001 Advance is OUT! (But no one bought it)

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The SNES-001 Advance (sometimes called the “SNES-U“, after Nintendo’s up-and-coming console) has had three months of development behind it.  On … Continue →

Fri @ 5:00 am
Dec 2010

The absolute best video quality from your GameBoy

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So you want to put your GameBoy on the big screen? Lots of people can easily download a virtual console … Continue →

Wed @ 5:00 am
Jun 2010

Worst Arcade Cabinet Game Ever

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The fan who loved arcade games so much, they decided to build one of their own using parts from an … Continue →

Sat @ 5:00 am
Oct 2009

Meta-gaming… with the nesP

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Remember Ben Heckendorn’s NES Micro? Over on the BenHeck forums, one fellow enthusiast has created their very own game-within-a-game. That’s … Continue →

Sun @ 5:00 am
May 2009

Game & Watch & TV

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Remember the Game & Watch series that were prevalent in the 1980s and ended in 1991 with Mario the Juggler? … Continue →

Wed @ 5:00 am
Oct 2008

Xbox 360 Laptop Mod

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When you try to apply the words ‘small’ and ‘portable’ game system, you think of the Game Boy, the PSP, … Continue →

Tue @ 5:00 am
Sep 2008

Move over MacMini, the PicoCube is here

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Plenty of people have repurposed their old game console shells, from the DreamCast to the GameBoy, so its no surprise … Continue →

Tue @ 5:00 am
Oct 2005

The incredible shrinking NES; now in Micro size!

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Made possible by BenHeck Ben Heckendorn of course. Using modern Nintendo-on-a-Chip technology, he has proved that you can shrink the … Continue →