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Truer words...
Sun @ 1:00 pm
Oct 2012

Tokyo Blip Festival 2012 Sunday Recap

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Tokyo Blip Festival 2012 Sunday Photos courtesy of Ugly Machine and Pixel for Team Falsebit The path to Koenji High … Continue →

20121021-TokyoBlip Closing Guest
Sun @ 8:15 am
Oct 2012

Tokyo Blip 2012 Sunday NOW: Special Closing with SURPRISE GUEST

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Closing ceremonies for Tokyo Blip Festival 2012 Sunday, with special guest making their way from Tokyo Blip 2010… HIP TANAKA … Continue →

Sat @ 5:00 am
Dec 2010

Who can beat the King of Koopas?

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Who was the greatest hero on the NES? Do you think Samus Aran could have stopped Dr.Wily? Could Ryu Hayabusa … Continue →