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Mon @ 4:20 am
May 2012
Sat @ 5:00 am
Jun 2012

BlipFest 2012 at 24 fps

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Check out coverage of BlipFest (and Mint Jams) using Meitu GIF/MewTwo GIF and broken up by day and artist as … Continue →

Peelander-Z... for the last time?
Sun @ 12:00 am
Nov 2012

Peelander-Z, Infinity Shred, Anamanaguchi, Electric Eel Shock 11-23-2012 Photos

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Photo Coverage of Peelander Red’s farewell concert tour is brought to you by pixel and Sara Bobo for Team Falsebit. … Continue →

Bring bac the 80s!
Sat @ 12:00 am
May 2013

Next stop on the Endless Fantasy Tour: 8static!

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Anamanaguchi, the hyper-active, hyper-positive, epic 8-bit band playing in Cambridge today, will join up with Infinity Shred and an0va inside … Continue →

Anamanaguchi-Chrome Sparks-Infinity Shred-Sharpless
Fri @ 12:00 am
Jun 2013

Photos from the Endless Fantasy Tour in Chicago

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Described as a massive sugar high (a combination of classic Jolt cola, ice cream cake, cookies, cotton candy, among other … Continue →

Getting the band back together!
Tue @ 12:00 am
Aug 2013

With ‘In Her Gentle Jaws’ and ‘Sanctuary’

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On behalf of Team Falsebit, Ugly Machine was at Glasslands this August when the Depreciation Guild got back together FOR … Continue →

Guess who's in that crowd?
Sun @ 12:00 am
Sep 2013

9/5 Sanctuary (LP) Release Party!

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Last month, they had a live performance of their first LP,  this week Infinity Shred celebrates with a release party including guests Tony Quattro, Black Dave, Yung … Continue →

A 21+ show on a general audience site? Oh noes!
Sun @ 12:00 am
Oct 2013

Photos from Glasslands 10.09.2013

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Ugly Machine is posting on behalf of Team Falsebit again, this time with photos of the Tempers, Infinity Shred, and Suicide’s … Continue →

Chrome Sparks, Infinity Shred, Alex Burkat at 285 Kent
Sun @ 12:00 am
Dec 2013

ADHOC.FM powers Infinity Shred, Chrome Sparks, Burkhat

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Infinity Shred is back in Brooklyn, this time alongside Chrome Sparks and Alex Burkat @ 285 Kent thanks to ADHOC.FM. Ugly Machine was there with … Continue →