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Tue @ 5:00 am
Oct 2008

Open Source Game Boy

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Ever want a GameBoy of your very own, but don’t want to settle for a $15 second-hand one? If you … Continue →

Wed @ 5:00 am
May 2010

GameBoy Adapter for NES

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Dubbed the NES Retrovision, bunnyboy has recreated a Super GameBoy… for the NES. Find out how bunnyboy did it and … Continue →

Fri @ 5:00 am
Dec 2010

The absolute best video quality from your GameBoy

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So you want to put your GameBoy on the big screen? Lots of people can easily download a virtual console … Continue →

Christina Love's Super Game Boy
Fri @ 12:00 am
Dec 2011

Dissecting the Super Gameboy – What Could Have Been

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Christine Love is an avid fan of games, and a game developer herself – you may know her from games … Continue →

End of the world, might as well go out with a party!
Sat @ 12:00 am
Dec 2012

It’s the end. It’s ARMAGEDDONWAVE NYC!

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Taking place six days before we have to flip over our Mayan calendars, this month’s Pulsewave will be armageddon themed! … Continue →

This Was Armageddonwave
Sun @ 1:12 am
Jan 2013


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Photo Coverage of the this past ARMAGEDDONWAVE (Pulsewave on 12-15-2012) @ TADA Youth Center (15 W28th St, NYC) with Kedromelon, … Continue →

Pulsewave's BYOB Feburary Show
Wed @ 12:00 am
Jan 2013

Next Pulsewave: Feburary 23, 2013

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Get ready for the next Pulsewave, Feburary 23rd, 2013. And bring your own BITS! Doors open @ 8:00 for Open … Continue →

Pulsewave 02-2013
Sun @ 12:00 am
Mar 2013

Photos from Pulsewave 2/2013

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Pictures from this month’s Pulsewave courtesy of pixel. From the LaunchPad (721 Franklin Ave. Brooklyn, NY), with open mic participants … Continue →

Fri @ 12:00 am
Jun 2013

Canada Finally Lifts Ban on UltraSYD

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Join Toy Company this Saturday, June 15th, for a really special show at Foonzo! Located on 1245 rue in downtown … Continue →

I/O go down the Rabbithole
Sun @ 12:00 am
Jun 2013

June I/O Chipmusic Around the Corner

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This month’s I/O comes from deep down the rabbit hole, Rabbithole Studios in Brooklyn that is. Take the F-train to … Continue →