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I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords
Sat @ 12:00 am
Jun 2013

For the Technophile in Your Family

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Photographs from the latest World Science Festival: Innovation Square by Team Falsebit.

Sat @ 8:00 pm
Dec 2012

Babyharvester the Opening Night – December 4th

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Babyharvester on December 4th was the official opening reception of the Babyharvester exhibition in the Clocktower Gallery: An 80′s style … Continue →

2012-08-26 Babycastles Summit Closing Party
Sun @ 12:17 am
Sep 2012

2012-08-26 Babycastles Summit Closing Party

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Photo Coverage of the August Pulsewave on 2012-08-26 @ The Museum of Arts & Design (2 Columbus Circle, New York, … Continue →

Welcome to the Pac-Man Room. Enjoy your stay.
Sat @ 12:00 am
Sep 2012

Pac-Man Takes Up Entire Room… Literally

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On August 24th to 26th of 2012, Babycastles hosted a summit with Katamari Damacy’s game designer, Keita Takahashi.  Along with … Continue →