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Truer words...
Sun @ 1:00 pm
Oct 2012

Tokyo Blip Festival 2012 Sunday Recap

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Tokyo Blip Festival 2012 Sunday Photos courtesy of Ugly Machine and Pixel for Team Falsebit The path to Koenji High … Continue →

18:30 (JST) Abortifacient / Batsly Adams
Sun @ 5:30 am
Oct 2012

Tokyo Blip 2012 Sunday NOW: Abortifacient / Batsly Adams

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Tokyo Blip Festival 2012 Sunday: Abortifacient with visuals by Batsly Adams Photos courtesy of Pixel and Ugly Machine for Team Falsebit

Did you remember to book your flight/schedule a cruise/make a stowaway kit?
Thu @ 12:00 am
Aug 2012

BlipTokyo 2012 Tickets On Sale!

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BlipFestival.org has begun selling tickets and will continue do so until they run out or at Noon on October 18th, … Continue →

Fri @ 5:00 am
Apr 2012

Psst: Free Secret Death Rave in Sydney, Australia

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Don’t got friggatriskaidekaphobia? Free Secret Inner West Warehouse Location in Sydney, Australia this Friday the 13th (6am to 7am). Location … Continue →