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Pixar goes back to 8-bit with Wreck-it Ralph

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Disney/Marvel/Nintendo's new nostalgia game, er, movie!

Announced almost a year ago, make sure you don’t forget Wreck-it Ralph, a production of Disney and Pixar that’ll be hitting theaters this Fall. Yes, it does sound like such a crazy fun time.

Starring John C. Reilly as the titular tired-of-being-bad Ralph, Jack McBrayer as hapless Fix-It Felix Jr., Sarah Silverman as sweet-pixie Vanellope, and Jane Lynch as the Sarge of Hero’s Duty, the movie centers around Ralph’s reinvention as he goes from yester-year hijinks to modern-day warfare.

You can check out the first look from FirstShowing, Disney’s official page, and see John C. Reilly’s MSN pitch for the film on YouTube:

Let your imaginary nostalgia run free