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Snake + Oil = Cure for boredom!

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Powered by magnets... and magic!

Forget about your battery-powered digital tablets with touchy hand-gestures and LCDs with black crush issues; Martin Frey’s SnOil lets you have fun with a wooden board and reliable magnetic force.

SnOil, short for Snake Video Game in Magnetically Reactive Ferrofluid and Oil, is an analog take on said video game. In Frey’s version, you control the snake head by tilting the pad; each lodestone you eat becomes a part of the snake’s body. The goal is to grow your snake in this 12×12 grid without crashing into the walls or its own ever-expanding body. If your snake dies, it flickers; die three times and “Game Over” scrolls across the pool of liquid.


For the science behind the game, check out Frey’s entry on his blog.
If you want to know more about the history of Snake, from the 70s Arcades to QBASIC to GMail, Wikipedia has the answers.