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SNES-001 Advance is OUT! (But no one bought it)

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Wii this -- SNES U!

The SNES-001 Advance (sometimes called the “SNES-U“, after Nintendo’s up-and-coming console) has had three months of development behind it.  On June 18th, its creator Downing debuted his work to the Internet and offered it up for sale on eBay. However it was not able to sell, which is quite unfortunate because it’s really a fascinating device!

The SNES-001 Advance began as a homemade hack to create a Super NES modification that not only played games using the unit itself via your TV, but also on its two controllers via embedded screens and speakers.  In other words, there would be no need for you to connect a television set to the SNES unit, as your audiovisual needs would be provided via the controllers! (and from there originates its SNES-U nickname)

It seems that the unit still has not been sold, but Downing is still intent on selling it. Would you be interested in buying it?