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Free Universal Construction Kit the difference between Legos and Logs

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If you built it, they will come. (With lawyers.)

There is something that every creative kid with building-blocks asks about: Outside of Duplo and Lego, how do you ever fit <insert brand of toy blocks> and <insert other brand of toy blocks> together?  Well, one resourceful dad with access to a 3D printer spent an entire year trying to solve that exact problem for his son, who wanted to build a car with K’Nex using Tinkertoys pieces as its frame.  With his former student, they both created a series of 45 digital plans that could be formed using a 3D printer, and once printed connect many brands of blocks that could otherwise never have a chance of being joined together!

Dubbed the Free Universal Construction Kit (let’s just ignore the interesting acronym that it forms for now), Golan Levin and his student Shawn Sims have released this to, according to them, deliberately provoke corporations into attacking their designs.  They wish to challenge the notion that industries can use intellectual property laws to control modifications that connect to formerly-patented products, or attempt to stifle innovation, in a way similar to “what happened in music and film.”