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TI-Minecraft Scientific Calculator

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The Minecraft Scientific CalculatorMinecraft — the digital sandbox game that is loved by millions — is very well-known for its Lego-like gameplay that gives players the ability to construct. People regularly create entire villages, castles, dungeons; some have even made entire civilizations and worlds.
Grand-scale Minecraft recreations include the likes of Stormwind City from World of Warcraft and the Turret Opera sequence from Portal 2. These have been (re-)made, brick-for-brick, using the various tools that Minecraft provides users. The Turret Opera even has working trolley systems navigating you between areas.

So how complex can you get? People are already making rudimentary tools, like calculators.

So someone got thinking: how about a scientific calculator? With graphing functions?

Yes, you read that correctly.  User MaxSGB has very creatively used the game’s redstone logic to create a world that functions as a giant, working, scientific calculator. And as a bonus, it can also plot linear and quadratic functions on a graph!  MaxSGB has also implemented an impressively quick solver for linear mx+c=0 equations.