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The Legend of the Ghost Arcade

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The Ghost Arcade 2013

L is Real 2041. You must defeat Shen Long to stand a chance. Valkyrie Wilde is coming to PSN this April. The government has declassified project Polybius. Your bootleg Pokemon cartridge is cursed.

The Ghost Arcade will showcase 10 exhibitions of gaming rumors and lore; see which remain debunked hoaxes and which managed to enter reality. Popping up from noon to 6pm inside the Citylights Bookshop at 356 Richmond Street, London, Ontario, the Ghost Arcade will only appear from June 20th to the 23rd before floating to a different location with new exhibitions.

Curated by mrghosty (Skot Deeming of the Team Vector collective), the Ghost Arcade is an exhibition which charts the myth, legends and whispers of gaming culture. It frames these works as a counter point to the narrative of innovation and the canonization of the mainstream, offering a history created by fans, hackers, and modders. (While Shen Long and Valkyrie Wilde were magazine fabrications, non-government version of Polybius was created by fans in 2007; even a Pokémon Creepy Black game-hack was released in 2011. If you’ve never heard of Creepy Black, here’s CreepyRasta narration.)

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