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Space Invaders Still Swarming Internet

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They have the power of Hello Kitty! WE'RE DOOMED.

Celebrating 35 years of coin-crunching calamity the only way they know how, the iconic pixelated aliens from Taito’s Space Invaders are invading the Internet! This week’s target: Japanese digital art community Pixiv. Before they leave on the 22nd, expect some more interesting collaborations to pop up.

Space Invaders began in 1978 from the mind of Tomohiro Nishikado, playing out a Breakout meets War of the Worlds kind of scenario. It is one of the earliest shooter games around and is credited with ushering the golden age of arcade games with features like a high-score table and increasing difficulty.

With Midway licensing the game for US release, Space Invaders had grossed over $2 billion worth of tokens worldwide in just four years, earning comparisons to box-office hits like Star Wars even back in 1982.

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