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Pac-Man Takes Up Entire Room… Literally

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Photo courtesy of Amanda Kooser/CNET

On August 24th to 26th of 2012, Babycastles hosted a summit with Katamari Damacy’s game designer, Keita Takahashi.  Along with several other game designs that were hosted at the summit, Keita Takahashi designed, and with the assistance of Dr. Clement Shimizu and the Babycastles crew, built a Ms. Pac-Man game that literally stretched across an entire room. Everything, from the four walls up to the ceiling, became part of the game!

It was a very huge hit at the summit; the only thing that was too bad about it was that it would not last beyond those three days.  Nevertheless, it was quite an interesting experience, and it will certainly be missed by those who played it at the summit… including yours truly! Check out Kotaku‘s video of the room: