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NES Cubism

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Shouldn't nostalgia glasses be in 3D?

It started with a Metroid project back in 2003 and since then one-man group Qubed Studios has given a thorough 3D treatment to a few more NES classics, including fully fleshing out that original Metroid game.

This new wave of cubism, or he puts it, qubism, is brought to you by the man known as VL-Tone (sans Casio logo) who uses a custom-made “voxel” program (volumetric picture elements) to turn flat sprites into 3D cubes. Think of it akin to using Legos or perler beads for sprite art, or building in Minecraft.

Try or download Metroid Cubed here, and don’t forget to check out his other projects from Qubed Studios. You can see more of VL-Tone’s cubic voxel sculptures at DeviantArt. For more information about what voxels are, check out its Wikipedia entry.