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More Than Just a Game

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The creative ideas of using old systems (i.e. Commodore 64) for purposes other than gaming are really amazing.  For example, these systems can be fine tuned to compose your own music. Not only did these consoles allow you to satiate your music creativity desires, but also give rise to a new form of art, created by an artist known as Helm.  This form of art is known as pixel art. By harnessing the power of predefined limitations, Helm was able to create stunning pixel images. The various modes on the Commodore 64 have set limitations on how graphics can be created.   This form of creative art can allow a person to make their own logos, avatars, etc.  It can also be used to depict a comic.

So, DON’T TRASH YOUR VALUABLE GAME CONSOLES OR LEAVE THEM IN THE DUST IN THE BASEMENT!!!!!!  Take it out and go make some good use of it.  Who knows, maybe you can get yourself a job at marvel comics if you can create some stunning images with your console.  Or you can start your own line of T-shirts with logos using pixel art.  The ideas of exploiting the predefined graphic limitations of consoles are boundless.

Read more about it at http://www.8bittoday.com/articles/26/the-pixel-art-of-helm