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Capcom Officially Releases Mega Man… vs Street Fighter

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Clash of Champions!
This month marks the 25th anniversary of Capcom’s blue-and-cyan mascot, Mega Man (Rock Man in Japan). To celebrate, Capcom has released another game in the long-running franchise today. Today on the Capcom-Unity website, Street Fighter VS Mega Man becomes available for PCs running Windows. And it’s free!

While title is “Street Fighter” VS Mega Man, the gameplay formula remains true to the classic 8-bit Mega Man. You may ask since the blue bomber has been platform-jumping and precision-blasting for two-and-a-half decades, and with the latest games in the series going back to pixelated sprites and chiptune audio, what’s new about Street Fighter VS Mega Man? For starters it features characters from Capcom’s other flagship franchise, Street Fighter (which coincidentally is celebrating it’s own 25th anniversary since its humble beginnings on Fighting Street). Instead of figuring out patterns as you dodge bubbles and buzz-saws, you’ll already be familiar with fireballs traps and hyper-combos. And here’s the twist: despite the likenesses of Street Fighter characters, the trademark white-knuckle action, and  the rocking 8-bit soundtrack, this game is completely fan-made.

That’s right. This was completely programmed by Singapore superfan Seow Zong Hui (also seen on YouTube as Sonic88) and composed by Luke Esqivel (credited as A_Rival). However unlike other fan-made hacks, demakes, remakes, flash games, and crossovers, this one got Capcom’s official seal of approval (which is a sticker of Mega Man’s head). Zong Hui started the Mega Man vs Street Fighter project back in 2010. During fighting tournament EVO 2012, he managed to show a working demo to Capcom’s Senior VP of planning and business development, Christian Svensson. Svensson then passed it along to GregaMan (Greg Moore) and Brelston (Brett Elston) on Capcom-Unity. It was tested, approved, and now everybody on the internet can continue to fight as Mega Man — for everlasting peace, and to become the world’s strongest robot!

While the number of Mega Man games (and spin-offs) and fan-projects are numerous, here is a sample to get you started:



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    I thought Megaman wasn’t allowed to kill people.

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