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Getting Bent with Clint Enns in NYC

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Can you guess which ATARI game?VISUAL ERRATA + OTHER BENT FORMS, the Selected Works of Clint Enns will be showcased at the Microscope Gallery. This will be the Canadian video-artist and filmmaker’s first U.S. solo screening, displaying all kinds of bizarre glitch- and circuit-bent videos remixed from broken/outdated technologies and avant-garde films.

The gallery will open on June 17th @ 7PM with a keynote by Enns himself.
The Microscope Gallery is located at 4 Charles Place in Brooklyn NY.

If you can’t catch the exhibit, check his Vimeo page for some of the shorts, or his Tumblr page.

Clint Enns is part of the Team Vector collective operating the Vector Game + Art Convergence operating out of Toronto, Canada every February.

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