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Album Pre-Order: Dei Dain by aliceffekt

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Album Pre-Order: Dei Dain by aliceffekt

Dear fans of aliceffekt, his new album titled: Dei Dain is now avilable for preorder!

2 out of the 10 Tracks are available right now:

1. DEI01 – A meeting with the immortals of Dilitrielth
2. DEI02 – Aetdth, All I see is Yous
3. DEI03 – Escape from Kanikule, Neau (part 1)
4. DEI04 – Escape from Kanikule, Laeisth (part 2)
5. DEI05 – Escape from Kanikule, Dinaisth (part 3) 03:26
6. DEI06 – Whiinders_Ver’Tale
7. DEI07 – Escape from Kanikule, Es (part 4)
8. DEI08 – Our forgotten alphabet
9. DEI09 – Kirleane Coral Parasols 04:24
10. DEI10 – Credits Tolii

The album is set to release on June 25th, 2013. All you need is $1 or more to get the album in a few days! This digital album should be filled with experimental tracks that range from Industrial Dance music, ambient, chiptunes, cyberpunk and Japanese Industrial.

You can find aliceffekt’s homepage here: http://xxiivv.com/

And you can find our photo coverage of his performance from Blip Tokyo 2012 here.


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