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I/O NYC Chip Music 09-2011

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I/O NYC 09/2011

While everyone else was getting their grill on this Labor Day, the truly dedicated traversed New York’s transit system to Fontana’s Bar in Chinatown for drinks, friends, and a healthy portion of chip music courtesy of I/O NYC Chip Music.

Opening the night’s ceremonies was An0va; his dual Gameboy setup left nothing to chance, filling the room with some of the fullest sounding DMG tunes I have ever heard. Even with some technical issues plaguing his performance, An0va’s set was a glorious amalgamation of stylish breaks, drum, bass, and multi-layered pulsewaves. Even more impressive was his skill with the guitar, which when he played, added a key shred-factor atop of some already amazing material.An0va courtesy of NO CARRIER

Next up for the night was Burnkit2600. Donning their signature jumpsuits, they took to the stage with a live drummer, keytars, MIDI controllers and gadgets of all types and began to pour out the sound. Squelches and saw-forms were emitted from their table of electronics; a copy of MIDINES provided that great triangle bass that we know and love. These fine gentlemen chilled the venue with sweet dub sounds as more of the nights crowd wandered in from the street.

Following Burnkit, it was crashfaster’s turn to perform. Hailing from San Francisco with his signature vocoded voice and too many chips to count, crashfaster really stands out. His strange combination of synth-pop, electro and sometimes even industrial sounds had the crowd fixated. The energy that crashfaster puts into his sets is something to behold; it’s an energy that you can’t help but feed on, and soon the entire venue was moving with the tune.

The pinnacle of the evening was reached when minusbaby took the stage to perform “Left” and “Derecha”. This was minusbaby’s first perfomance since Blip Festival back in May. If there is anyone who can get bodies shaking, it’s minusbaby. All sorts of full body spasms were created from the raw-yet-controlled bass attack that is a minusbaby set. If you’ve never given minusbaby a listen, now is the time.

Visuals for the night’s events were provided by NO CARRIER; each artist got their own individualized motif that ranged from stark minimalism to truly psychedelic. As always, all of the video-effects by NO CARRIER are put out by regular Nintendo Entertainment Systems using customized cartridges and NO CARRIER’s own software.

For those that couldn’t stop grilling on Labor Day, the entire show was graciously documented by Emily Feder on Youtube as part of the Chip Music Chronicle. To learn when the next month’s I/O Chip Music show will be, visit http://iochipmusic.com. And be sure to check out what part of the planet the next Blip Festival is emanating from!

Get An0va’s debut release, “The Teaching Machine”, via Bandcamp and visit him on FaceBook.
More information about Burnkit2600 and their staggering array of gear can be found at their website or Facebook.
Shout out to the west-coast at crashfaster’s FaceBook or BandCamp pages.
You can download minusbaby’s “Left” and “Derecha” for free on 8bitpeoples or get the dual extended edition on BandCamp.