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This month’s I/O is next week! (12/7/2012)

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Flyer by Invaderbacca

This month’s I/O Chip Music welcomes four brave new souls to Vaudeville Park, Open Mic, and a few extra surprises. Don’t forget to RSVP @ I/O’s Facebook!

CHILLBRAVE, the collaboration project of Kedromelon (Noah Lemen) and PopSTAR (Tate Gregor), creates post-chiptune electro-housestep partycore anthems that will melt your face, eat your cat, and moisten your eyes.

Coming off stints at HOPE Number Nine, PAX, Public Assembly and Pulsewave, Corset Lore brings her 8-bit Game Boy DMG compositions to I/O!

Don’t fear Hedonism Bit’s dark Halloweenish exterior. On the inside, Hedonism Bit is actually a dark Halloweenish creature.

Alexander Tregaskis is a new multimedia artist and musician from Maine, performing under the handle radionarcotix and shows off their minimal lo-fi geometric compositions and digital emulations in attempt to replicate the analog and VHS-age aesthetic.

I/O is a monthly chip music and visuals show in Brooklyn. I/O is free to play and free or low cost to attend, with the aim of providing exposure for new and established chip musicians, visualists, and mixed media artists. This month’s flyer was created by Invaderbacca.

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