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The Ghost Dance! The Ghost Dance!

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Where's a power pellet when you need one?

This weekend will be HOPE Number 9′s Chip Music Concert: The Ghost Dance Movement with guests Rhinostrich, Notendo, Craphazzard, No Carrier, Exilefaker, VBlank, Ricky Brugal, Batsly Adams… and that’s just Friday! Saturday will also add MinusBaby, Sylcyk, Enso, Corset Lore, and making his return to NYC since BlipFest 2007,  Sweedish musician PAZA!

Are you still reading? Good, because you didn’t know it was at the Hotel Pennsylvania on 401 7th Avenue, New York, New York 10001.

Here’s the Google Map and the Facebook invite, just bring $10 at-door (for $15 for both).