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Thank You Blip Festival for 7 Years

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Can you find the 2010 logo?

“Seven years, eleven festivals, four continents.”

After it’s 12th show in Tokyo, the annual chiptune and visuals gathering known as Blip Festival is going on indefinite hiatus.

While BlipFest’s history started in New York City’s Finance District back in 2006, it was a gathering of underground artists from 8bitpeoples who wanted a physical stage for their creativity with other electronic mediums. No one was expecting a dozen shows, much less in Australia, Scandinavia, or Japan.

Their latest newsletter, hosted from their longstanding venue the Tank in New York, is a bitter-sweet notice from the Blip Festival organizers:

“Running it all has been an immensely rewarding experience, but also incredibly demanding, and often monopolizing our energy and efforts at the expense of other 8bitpeoples projects. So after careful deliberation, we’ve decided that this October’s Blip Festival Tokyo 2012 will be the last installment of the Blip Festival event series for the foreseeable future. …
“To all the people that have shown Blip Festival so much love over the years, we thank you. We hope that you’ll come join us for one last hurrah in Tokyo, and that you’ll find our other future endeavors worthy of the same enthusiastic support.”

You can read the letter yourself from the Tank NYC archives and find out more about what will likely be the wildest and craziest Blip Festival in Tokyo.