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Starscream’s Last Concert before they become Infinity Shred

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Future, Towards the Edge of Forever -- GNAR Dream
Free up time in your schedules because this is the last time to go to a Starscream concert before they (legally) become Infinity Shred (Shred) !

The party begins at 9:00 PM at Shea Stadium (20 Meadow St.) in Brooklyn, NY — just take the L-train to Grand St., and hand in your door fee of $7

Also in the line-up will be IDIOT GLEE, STRONGBROS CREW, WODGE DADDY, Giorgio BEATSAFACE, BURGER SUNDAY, GIRLBRO, DJ Getawolfpup, with visuals by JYK!

Be sure to check out Infinity Shred’s first EP, Gnar Dream (free sample track Wayfinder) at their new website.