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Square Sounds Festival the Next Big Blip?

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Square Sounds 2013 - MelbourneWith Blip Festival Tokyo 2012 over (feel free to join the After-party), “Blip Festival” begins its indefinite hiatus. However, chip fans are picking up where Tokyo Blip left off with Square Sounds Festival coming up in 2013! Formed from the local teams behind Blip Festival Australia and Tokyo, “Square Sounds” already has shows lined up for Melbourne (Feb 2013) and eventually Tokyo (Fall 2013).

Square Sounds Melbourne will take place at the Evelyn Hotel in Fitzroy, Victoria, on the 15th and 16th of February 2013 and is being put together by Kristy Dossor and Eugene Davoren-Britton, who were instrumental in putting on Blip Festival Australia and have run Australia’s longest running chip event series SoundBytes for the last 4 years.

“There are so many great chipmusic artists that have never performed in Australia before. Working with the Cheapbeats team from Tokyo and our experience with Blip will make Square Sounds something that those familiar with Blip Festival will love, while also incorporating some fresh ideas. We have some amazing talent lined up that will feature not just chipmusic, but also some other stylistically similar artists,” said Dossor from squaresoundsfestival.com.

The line-up so far: Starpause (US), Cheapshot (UK), Omodaka (JP), Mr. Spastic (US), and Doshy (GER), though not a chip artist by trade, is going to debut in Australia with “an extra special, live, chip focused set.” Visualists will include: Other Places, Chronic Sans and Jayson Haebich, as well as cTrix.