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Thursday Pics from Inaugural 8static Festival!

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Are you ecstatic for 8static yet?

Team Falsebit travels to central Philadelphia for the first ever 8static Festival – check out the official animated 8static banner celebrating five years of musical madness! 8static has assembled a plethora of performers for three consecutive nights of song and dance at Philly’s First Unitarian Church — now the First Church of Chiptune!

Ugly Machine, extabit, ffm83, and frojoe were all on hand to witness Animal StyleRadionarcotixCHiKA, and Batsly Adams create awesome sights for sets by DJ CutmanSKGBRo-BearCorset Loreadamgetsawesomean0vaBit ShifterDisasterpeacerainbowdragoneyes, and A_rival … and that was just on day 1!

Slated to appear over the rest of the weekend: Decktonic[XC3N]Alex MauerBr1ght Pr1mateBaron KnoxburryexileFakerNULLSLEEPChipocriteCheap Dinosaurs (Animal Style is 8static!), RadlibSSD EngageDanimal CannonBubblyfishVoid VisionTrey FreyGlomagSaskrotchKnife City, Chibi-Tech,  diy_destructionNO CARRIERemul8, and futurestack. (Add Wet MangominusbabyDauragon C. Mikado, and Ricky Brugal if you’re staying on Sunday.)


  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice shots Em! Need to relive this weekend, over and over.

  2. Anonymous says:

    omg much swag

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