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Photos from January 8static

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So many CD releases, so little time

Say what you will about 8Static’s post MAGFest shows, but this was not one to miss. A release show for Philly’s own Cheap Dinosaurs and Auxcide, there was plenty of new material to be excited about. This may have been the best Cheap Dinos show ever. Drummer Kev Ragone of Close To Good is good for these guys, and was living it up on stage.

Additionally, the open mic performances were among the best I’ve ever seen. We have a lot of quiet talent in Philly these days. The only guy from out of town was visualist SBthree (he hails from Rochester, NY).

Not to forget MegaRan, who finished up his tour right at home in Philly with an activated crowd and upbeat lyrics. He  combined beats with DJ Cutman to close out the show with a bang.

Hey, I’m not even going to apologize for showing you 80 photos of Dino’s face. It shall become legend. He was possessed!

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