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Photos from iamamiwhoami’s US debut

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LPR and Boom Collective: iamamiwhoami w/ Ital

This week the Brooklyn Masonic Temple hosted Brooklyn electronic DJ Ital and Swedish YouTube sensation iamamiwhoami.

Ital chops and skews classic house/techno, bringing a euphoric post-noise aesthetic through a liberating and unique soundworld. The tracks are panoramic labyrinthine constructions, continually distorting, filtering, and panning, channeling the dystopian visions of Drexciya and the industrial explorations of Chris & Cosey while never straying too far from a 4/4 mindset.

iamamiwhoami is an audiovisual project lead by Jonna Lee, merging music and film together with a mutual storyline. Their project has garnered a Swedish Grammy for “Innovator of the Year” and an MTV OMA for “Digital Genius.”

Their first appearance emanated from their YouTube channel. Six short videos with instrumental music spread across the internet, built a forum of followers, and prompted the release of “bounty” — 7 additional singles and videos entitled “b,” “o,” “u-1,” “u-2,” “n,” “t,” and “y” — plus a 64-minute live-through-an-actual-forest concert streamed onto their website simply titled “In Concert.”

These monumental photos of iamamiwhoami’s first US appearance were taken by Ugly Machine for Team Falsebit.

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