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Photos from Glasslands 10.09.2013

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A 21+ show on a general audience site? Oh noes!

Ugly Machine is posting on behalf of┬áTeam Falsebit again, this time with photos of the Tempers, Infinity Shred, and Suicide’s Martin Rev from Popgun’s latest show at the Glasslands!

The Tempers are Jasmine Golestaneh and Eddie Cooper, a New York-based synth/goth/electro/rock duo. Their music inhabits a realm of opaque romance. Delphic vocals tower precariously over propulsive beats, and shimmering, static-like synths merge with guitars that swell and vanish.

Coming off their debut LP, Sanctuary, Infinity Shred continues their quest to define a more mature form for their music. Damon Hardjowirogo, George Stroud, and Nathan Ritholz apply their increasingly complex palette towards expansive post-rock and points beyond, exploring a vast array of synthesizers, huge textural guitars, the occasional home brewed circuitry, and playful dialogues between live and programmed percussion. The destination is forever, eagerly awaiting the future.

You probably remember Suicide for Alan Vega’s ranting vocals, but Martin Rev was always the silent partner. Using droning riffs, hiccuping beats, textured backdrops and proto-Industrial sound, the two helped usher in punk music in the 70′s.

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