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MoMA Presents: 1-bit of Sound

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A part of MoMA Nights 2013 music series includes indie acts selected by MoMA’s PopRally committee

This week, Tristam Pierch was performing Parallels at the Museum of Modern Art with Meehan/Perkins Duo and Ugly Machine was there to capture those moments for  Team Falsebit. A YouTube sample of Parallels is provided by the Meehan/Perkins Duo.

“Tristan Perich’s composition Parallels explores the nature of pitched and unpitched percussive sounds combined with pure tones and white noise from his custom-designed electronics… [his] first to combine order and randomness in the programming of 1-bit waveforms… in his Microtonal Wall, a sound installation with 1,500 microtonally tuned speakers, on view in the Soundings exhibition.”

Perich’s work is inspired by the aesthetic simplicity of math, physics, and code. His 2004 release 1-Bit Music was the first album ever released as a microchip, programmed to synthesize his electronic composition live.

The Meehan/Perkins Duo, founded in 2006, is dedicated to creating a new body of work for percussion duo. Todd Meehan and Doug Perkins have collaborated with the composers David Lang and Paul Lansky, among others, and have shared their music with audiences worldwide.

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