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June I/O Chipmusic Around the Corner

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This month’s I/O comes from deep down the rabbit hole, Rabbithole Studios in Brooklyn that is. Take the F-train to York Street or the A/C to High Street. Doors open at 8PM and tickets are still just $10. Headlining this month:

Ultra-slacker Ultrasyd, who eats ATARI STs for breakfast, Game Boys for Lunch, and Amstrad CPC’s for dinner.

Brooklyn-based Rockman continues to grind out original Gameboy medlies, with an EP out already and one due this year.

Breaking out of his DMG prison, L-Tron wreaks havoc through stereo 8-bit sound.

World-reknown Paris Graphics (perhaps better known as Voltage Controlled previous for their works in PAX and the UN) will be programming the visuals from their GBA and GP2X.

Get tickets from their Facebook Event.

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