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July 2012 I/O – MisfitChris! andaruGO! craphazzard! Chomracle!

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I/O July 2012 with MisfitChris andaruGo, Craphazzard, Chromacle!

The next I/O Chip Music is coming up this Friday July 6 2012 at Vaudeville Park. Show starts at 8pm, costs $7 at-door, and is promised fun for all ages with a lineup of MisfitChris, andaruGO, craphazzard, and visuals by none other than Chromacle.

If you can’t find Vaudeville Park (26 Bushwick Ave) in Brooklyn, take the L-train to Graham Ave or Google it.

I/O Chip Music is Brooklyn’s monthly chip show for both new and established musicians, visualists, and mixed-media artists. Check out their other events or call your spot for this month’s show on Facebook or at-venue.

CT native MisfitChris is everything you ever wanted to hear and everything your parents warned you about. Revisit 1993 by visiting their Bandcamp site!

andaruGO is an Ohio-based  chipmusician and strives to prove that less is indeed more. Their soundcloud page is focused on providing one dream through four channels.

Brooklyn’s own craphazzard practices highly unsafe and wantonly experimental mixes for both modern and retro DAWs that you can experience yourself on their soundcloud.

Finally, Philly’s own Chromacle will both tantalize and torture all night with their trademark glitch-influenced visual-stimuli. “Beauty from corruption, destruction from chrominance.”