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It’s the end. It’s ARMAGEDDONWAVE NYC!

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End of the world, might as well go out with a party!

Taking place six days before we have to flip over our Mayan calendars, this month’s Pulsewave will be armageddon themed!

Show up @ Tada on 15 West 28th Street (take the N/R to 28th Street between Broadway and 5th Ave) and come decked out in your best end-of-the-world couture! (Be tasteful, please.)

Gate fee is $10 and doors at 8PM with Open Mic

Performing tonight:

  • KEDROMELON ♫ Dance to the NES/GB composition of Maryland native KEDROMELON!
  • TREY FREY ♫ Bringing chiptunes from West Virginia, Trey Frey will dance with you!
  • BIT SHIFTER ♫  A startling and innovative step backwards in technology, Bit Shifter is what people will think of next!
  • NOTENDO ☼Hear the music, watch Jeff Donaldson’s feedback as NOTENDO!

Flyer by jenn. Keep up with the PulsewaveNYC tweet feed.

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