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August 2013 SOUND OFF

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A nice quiet evening. With boomboxes.

((audience)) hosts a monthly event called SOUND OFF, an intimate series of performances at a loft Alwan for the Arts, where there is no stage or curtains that distance the artists from their audience. This month’s group consists of Nicole Carroll, Chris Burke, and Tamara Yadao.

Nikki (a.k.a. the hardware hacker known as n0izmkr) played an electroacoustic set that was her custom amplified bassoon over a field recording that was taken during a trip to Florida.

You probably know Chris Burke as glomag, producer of “This Spartan Life,” or as a member of the duo foci + loci, brought in his PS3 and played a set he created in Little Big Planet.

Tamara, stage-name Corset Lore, the other half of foci + loci, creator of “Bal(l)ade,” and co-curator of TXT FST, also used a Little Big Planet set that then transitioned a Gameboy set.

Throughout Tamara’s entire set she experimented with the placement of several radios; some handheld, some classic boomboxes; emitting an amazing combination of static and Gameboy performance. She commented that this style of set didn’t excite her anymore though, and that this would likely be her last time performing in that format.

Learn more about the performers from the ((audience)) Facebook event page.

Images taken for Falsebit.com by Ugly Machine.

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