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Go to BlipFest Tokyo, Stay for the After-Party!

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Stay awhile. Stay for... another day!

What would be better after Blip Tokyo on Sunday than the After-Party on Monday! The venue will once again be Sabako and line-up’s finally been announced: Storz (1800), Big Brother (1830), utabi (1900), 牧歌電子 (1930), DJ Master Kohta (1950), KAZ a.k.a.HIGE (2010), USK (2030), hizmi (2100), hally (2130) with VJs NO CARRIER and Batsly Adams!

Once again, it’s all happening @Sabako (in Tōkyō-to Shinjuku-ku西早稲田2丁目1−19)

Directions (courtesy of Lazerbeat) after taking the Tokyo-Metro Tozai-line (東西線) Waseda  stop T-04 (早稲田) , leave via exit 2 and turn left.

Walk on the left, past Subway, McDonald’s and Mizuho Bank. Just ahead of you is a crossroads with a police box and a large red temple gate. Turn left here and cross the street.

Stay to the right and walk past a small carpark another 50 yards or so. The entrance to Sabako is just behind the 3rd vending machine you pass.

If you reach a right turn just after a restaurant called “Saizeriya” you have gone to far; double check Google Maps again.

Check out the video that was taken at last year’s Post-Party!


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