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February 2014 I/O Chip Music

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For their first event of the new year, I/O Chip Music decided to bring back our friends from Montreal, set up DIY_DESTRUCTION on visuals, and our own Ugly Machine was there to capture it. After a special edition remote open mic performance from local favourite Tony Ness,  New York’s +Let’s Disinfect!+ kicked off the night with his punk-inspired jams and a special collaboration with his wife Dutchess Wendi. Graviton Flux performed his first full set in NYC, followed by Pocaille and XC3N whose performances both featured the kind of collaboration we’ve come to expect and love from these Canadian heroes. XC3N’s performance usually features a wide variety of hardware and this was no exception, even including a gas mask microphone in his rig. Rhinostrich even joined him on stage to close out yet another great night at Brooklyn’s Bizarre.

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