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Book Your Flights for BlipFest Tokyo 2012!

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See you in Tokyo BlipFestival 2012!

Back in Koenji High this October 22-23, this will be the last stop of this amazing 7-year, 11-show, 4-continent tour the BlipFest crew will be doing for the foreseeable future. So when the Tank says to book your flights now, they mean NOW.

The full line-up isn’t up yet, but expect to see Aliceffekt, Blasterhead, Chibi-Tech, Cow’p, Hige Driver, Kubimaturi, Nobuyoshi Sano, Toriena, and M7Kenji. Expect more musicians, more visualists, more lo-tech enthusiasts and more cat petting to converge on the largest high-tech city in the world and THRASH SOUND.

Ticketing information will be on tokyo.blipfestival.org as the details arrive, but check out what’s up so far from the Tank, Facebook, or #BlipTokyo on their Twitter feed. This will be the third time BlipFest will be at Koenji High.

Thank the BlipFest team and 8bitpeoples. And expect these scenes to happen one more time.

BlipTokyo 2010, courtesy of Nullsleep

Courtesy IndieGames 2010