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BlipTokyo 2012 Tickets On Sale!

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Did you remember to book your flight/schedule a cruise/make a stowaway kit?

BlipFestival.org has begun selling tickets and will continue do so until they run out or at Noon on October 18th, Japanese time (UTC +9:00). (Bet on the former!)

Saturday (2012/10/20) and Sunday (2012/10/21) tickets will be 40 USD each, plus fees (and each includes a 500-yen drink ticket).

If you’re buying tickets from Japan, you can do so from Koenji-High’s website. Each day’s ticket will be 3000 yen (w/500 yen drink ticket). @Door Tickets will cost 3000 yen, plus 500 yen for the drinks, so make sure to have the correct currency!

Also, check out the expanded roster of artists and visualists! Abortifacient, Aliceffekt, Batsly Adams, Bit Shifter, Blasterhead, Bud Melvin, chibi-tech, CHIKA, Covox, COW’P, gwEm, Hige Driver, Kubimatsuri, M7Kenji, NNNNNNNNNN, Nobuyoshi Sano, Nullsleep, Sulumi, Toriena, Ultrasyd

Tokyo BlipFestival 2012′s Roster & Ticketing Info

Saturday 10/20 ticket via Koenji-High
Sunday 10/21 ticket via Koenji-High