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Blip Festival 2011 Crowd Surfers Special

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I hope you remembered what you or your friend wore because it’s time to spot you guys surfing!
If you surfed, we most likely got your pic below (unless we got you on video).
Just remember the set and point out whose shoes are in the air or what not and let them know.

Also add us on Facebook and tag them there as well!

The Zen Albatross – vade Set

The Ralp – visualicious Set

The Anamanaguchi – Party Time! Hexcellent! Set

The Ten Thousand Free Men & Their Families – NO CARRIER Set

The Stagediver – vade Set

The Bit Shifter – visualicious Set

The cTrix – m7kenji Set

The Starscream Set

The knife city – vade Set


The Nullsleep – Tabor Robak Set

The Henry Homesweet – m7kenji Set