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8static Festival tickets @ 8static 39

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Next one's the big 4-0!

Tonight at 8static 39, tickets for the upcoming three-day 8static Festival go on sale at the show for the introductory price of $50 —  that’s less than $20 a day! While 8static’s 5th year fest is next month, make sure to visit their Kickstarter to keep it going another 5!

Back to this show from PhilaMOCA, the guests tonight will be MinusbabyRolly MingwaldThe Dutchess, with visuals by Futurestack and Interrobanger.

Show up early to learn how to design and draw, pixel-style, with minusbaby! (Who also did this month’s flyer.)

Show up late and enjoy the after-party with sets by Radlib!

Don’t show up at all and stream the audio on arecibo radio!

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