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2009-11-20 – Pulsewave – Part 3 – Anamanaguchi

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Pete> /cool_shades

After a few special guests, now begins the setup for Anamanaguchi. The audience patiently waited though 20 minutes of drum setup, NES hookups, sound checks and two raffles.

The drawing for the raffle would make you feel like you were back in assembly in elementary school. Teachers would be up on the stage telling all the kids to quiet down so that others could score some swag. In the end, one scored an LSDJ cartridge and one gained access to the exclusive Blipfest Concert. Lights down, music up and let the RGB fly everywhere. Anamanaguchi flung themselves into a fast paced beginning into an emotional slowdown for their first song. “Sting Operation” up for their second, everyone was engulfed into it and was clapping along in the beginning to their familiar tune. Only something that only a live performance could make the audience feel, dare I say it, more humanity in the machine~. Helix nebula, up for the third song; it is a real mainstay in their repertoire. You can tell people really got into it on the song’s high notes.

Pause after the third song’s end, Pete said they “can’t play no more.” More specifically the speakers, the one in back next to Pete, busted. The Tank’s crew does their best to try to fix it, which they eventually got some juice out of it, and Anamanaguchi decided to keep on trucking, calling out “Blackout City” as their final song. The audience is all excited and not letting up even though it’s the last song. Off in the distance you can see Glomag surfing on top of the crowd’s excitement (and on top of their heads) for the finale.

The fun didn’t stop there. After some coaxing from the audience comes the encore: “Danger Mountain”. Pete slowly puts on his sunglasses and states “Now I feel cool.” Post cool shades moment: heavy, loud as shit bass hits you from this set. Making you feel like you are literally roller coasting down a mountain of DANGER. The drummer is caught up rolling down Danger Mountain twice, but the crowd saved him with some surfing both times. He coasts back to his position on stage without ever skipping a beat.

The song was too long and so they had to cut it short (for the neighbors). The show is finally over and so concludes another Pulsewave. Anamanaguchi put up a great set as always, bringing up new material and classic ones, a great mix of each for such the limited time they had. If it wasn’t for the electronics themselves tumbling down on their own, they would have put a perfect conclusion to the end of the night.