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2009-11-20 – Pulsewave – Part 2 – Special Guests

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Some more special guests appear, each heralding their own single until Anamanaguchi comes up on stage. First up was noteNdo up on the stage with a “Talk Normal” shirt on, followed by Glomag with Peter Flynn and then by Nullsleep. Visuals here seemed like a warm-up for Anamanaguchi, but each set had their own distinct sound that you would recognize from each individual. The special guests were a good break between sets.

If you were to take a story home to tell your friends, it would definitely be about Glomag. On the start of his set, people were brimming with anticipation. In front of an audience of about 150, during his song “Devolution Zoo”, he rocked so hard… the circuit breaker blew! Only to bring about the foreshadowing of what might happen to the equipment for the Anamanaguchi’s set.

Exit stage left for Glomag, and after 15 minutes of technical difficulties in restoring power, the crowd is charged up for the Starscream / Nullsleep combo. The power is back and these two are ready to rock the fuck out. This duo make a great combo. The stage forefronts the display of the mixture of raw Game boy power, human drum skills and skillful keyboard playing all to visuals of vector planescapes and Konami’s Top Gun (which should make you instinctively want to up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start).