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2009-11-20 Pulsewave – Part 1 – Talk2Animals

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It was 10:00pm and I was late to the 2009 November Pulsewave show, but special guest Bubblyfish had just arrived on stage. She would only be performing once, so the crowd was very eager to hear it.

She started playing something metallic and with a good splash of clangs thrown in; the crowd knew what they were getting into. Once the song was over, the Tank crew talked about their Kickstarter success and began the raffle for a new LSDJ cartridge.

At 10:10pm Talk2Animals, a female hailing from Baltimore, came on. The crowd was conversing during the wait. During the setup, the crowd was given a little peek at a little red ukulele. At the start of her performance, she set the music to fade into her introduction. She played an unseen instrument live as she set her Game Boy ablaze. The first song had hard jazzy beats mixed with her vocals. Once the song was over, she wanted people to come closer. Apparently Baltimore does their shows with tighter audiences. The audience, keeping to their NYC spirit, clamored to keep the show going and began crowding the stage.

The second song came up and was filled with a heavy drum and bass. The crowd kept up as the rhythms went on in usual fashion. After the song, Talk2Animals still wanted the crowd closer. “Seriously you come up if you want.” She got some guys to come up and rock out with her as she went into her third song. This track involved both seriously screaming and seriously laying out beats. A nostalgic 60s blip-bloop alien style was her fourth song up. She soloed the entire song only armed with the previously seen red ukulele and her unexpected skills at it. Next up on the playlist was Talk2Animals’ remix of Shakira’s Shewolf. She knew the words well, but with typical NY troll fanfare (to put it nicely), the audience was split on her singing talent. While she was up on the stage dancing and all in it, some ominous factions of the audience were sitting still in disagreement. In contrast, others went up on stage and partied hard. For her final songs, the audience sensed the finale and seemingly the crowd surfing ban was uplifted. Two surfers had their way with the audience throughout both songs. To finish off her set, she ended up hitting the audience floor and reveling with the audience, bro-down style.

All in all, the set was interesting; audience duality, a sample of the Baltimorean scene, and consistent visuals of a dual NES setup all contributed to an interesting set. Despite the audience split between partying on stage and sitting in the back, it didn’t feel off. Some points I would find needs improving were:
• The singing was ok, but only when she did her own material and not an extended solo.
• She needed to know how the NYC scene differs from the Baltimorean scene.
• Someone needed to clean the NES visual cartridges because it was mainly static.

It seems like it was a good venture into the NYC scene for her, and while she definitely brought some of her Baltimorean feel with her, I think it might have been too early for NYC to accept.