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Bluejay, Math the Band, and Peelander-Z

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Last week Ugly Machine made her way down to the Glasslands to catch those super sentai heros of punk rock, Peelander-Z. Brooklyn locals Bluejay kicked off the night with some wonderful tunes, then Math the Band took the stage to shake everyone up with their signature enthusiasm. Peelander-Z was without their new bassist, and while he was certainly missed the band refused to let that hinder their performance in any way. Newcomer drummer Peelander-Rubix-Green proved to the audience he had what it takes to be a member of the band by juggling while jumping rope and even solving a rubix cube on stage! It was a fun, sweaty, loud evening and we have the photos to prove it.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, this is a really good set.

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