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NEW Anamanaguchi music video … with a special treat for 4channers!

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Anamanaguchi has released a new music video today – January 8th – featuring their first single from their upcoming album “Endless Fantasy”.  Titled MEOW, it is a fun romp through many fun things and subcultures of geeks everywhere – arcades, laser tag, bumper cars, gothic style – set inside the pink scary cat’s domain of Daddz Fun Zone, to the colorful chiptune of this song!

And colors were certainly not lacking in the video itself.  They were vibrant enough to catch and hold your attention throughout, never really entering too far into oversaturation and WHOAA SO TRIPPY territory.  The timing between music and imagery was quite nicely done, though I have to admit that it ended a little too suddenly for me.  I wanted just a bit more, darnit!

Nevertheless, it was cool! Anamanaguchi has made the MEOW song itself available on iTunes and for free on their Soundcloud.

Oh, and if you’re a 4chan person, be sure to see this video to the end. You will get to see who the pink scary cat really is…

Expect it SP2013. Or expect disappointment.

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