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I’ll Have You Naked by the End of This ROM by Saskrotch of 8bitpeoples

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“I’ll enjoy this with my clothes on thank-you”

by Zack and Dr.Foot with the Pick


(Quoted from http://www.8bitpeoples.com/discography)

In the early summer of 2007, the first demo from I’ll Have You Naked By the End of this ROM, an 8 second loop from Mustard, was played for Nullsleep over tinny DS speakers. Thirty months of discarded demos, obsessive re-writes, and at least three mastering sessions later, one of the true innovators of chipbreak brings you 5 tracks of high speed guilt trips and over joyous ceremony. This is Raw. This Is Saskrotch.



(Zack) I think this album title is a little misleading; it’s actually great epic to listen to if you’d lend an ear. The album starts off with a nice pioneering theme to introduce the tale, then we enter an underground cave story, cue to an upbeat domestic town tune, and you’d think it would end with a welcome-home ballad, but a surprise twist at the end turns into a tense sequence of events.

(DRF) As a whole, I am not disappointed as much as I am disturbed by this album. I can’t say any of the tracks were, as a whole, bad. There were plenty of promising sequences with a variety of melodies and sound effects used, but the abundance of synthesized voices that were splattered in between them was heinous to listen to.

(TP) The Pick says to turn off Li’l Kim or get ready to fight it out.


Warming Up

A very solid, pure-synth track. It is has a complete story with a distinct introduction, intermission and climax. Apt to its namesake, it starts out gradually, slowly adding a good mix of channels and instruments that pick up the pace before giving you a good harmonious finish in that second half that just melts away the tune at the beginning.



It starts out with a good subterranean beat, but around 0:23 then instead of busting out additional channels like you would expect it to, some strange distorted digitized Li’l Kim vocals break through. The initial war-cry provides a great ear-popping lead-in, but the voices continue for another 30 seconds just obscure a rather nice track sequence. At 0:56, the distortion vanishes and for the next 50 seconds there is a real catchy sequence of soft waves and static beats without the overuse of synthesized voices.

And then the distorted voices take over again and ruin the great mood.


We Are Hi-Speed (remix)

Not having heard the original, there’s nothing to compare it to, but like Warming Up, it starts off with a nice basic beat and gradually adds more channels. A countdown even starts at 0:33 and it really takes off at 0:48. At 1:03 the movement “breaks” into a new area. While the original beat is still there, much faster beat tracks come flying at you, exemplifying the “Hi-Speed” part of the title. The final crescendo is impressive, and the beats are fairly familiar if a bit generic, but the random distorted voices that pervade this track at 2:32 for 30 seconds exclaiming “everybody here must make their tips” shouldn’t be what people remember about this track.


The Hero Returns Home

The opening would be something you’d find at the end from Ye Olde Adventure game. Then Saskrotch piles one the added effects to good show. It’s like we suddenly have the Flying! Circus here. You think the track would end at the spiral at 1:02, but then it sounds like a hyperactive jolly animu vomiting through your speakers for the next 30 seconds. After that nauseating mess, the track re-boots itself, starting from the beginning but now with additional beat tracks. This would have made a good final track, but Li’l Kim haunts us again in…


Shutting Down

An epic 6+ minute track with more Li’l Kim. Let me repeat that. More. Li’l Kim. And she feels like dying.

It starts off like Mustard, with a good echoing sequence filled with harmonious sine waves that gives listeners a warm ambiance of being indoors. At 0:15 comes a beat track along with an additional flute track. At 0:32 more tracks are added. At 0:48 it sounds as if a climax was reached as the sequence is simplified again until 1:04 where a scat beat is flawlessly meshed with the echoing flute that is quite similar to the gain effects used in the middle of Mustard. And this speeds up until 1:43 where the tempo suddenly slows down.

2:03 calls for another change in direction. With an echo-less high-pitched recorder it sounds like a change in scenery. Adding some shout effects and a fast beat, this is a good break in the routine.

3:04 has another sudden change, this time in a dramatic way. A quick scratch and suddenly the tune becomes very tense and around 3:15 a wailing shrill distortion of Li’l Kim starts haunting the track. It’s a perfectly good tension track, but whether or not Li’l Kim helps or hurts is up to you. She’s gone by 4:08 and the track moves into a see-saw epilogue.

4:36 sneaks in a beat to build up to the eventual break and change up at 4:55. And we break back to the saw tooth flute that was so good in the first 2 minutes, now with an additional orchestra or synth instruments to back it up. This has a rather epic clash until…

5:36, where one last vanquish effect signals each instrument to individually fade out.


(Zack)While it’s up to each individual to decide whether the digitized voices made the tracks more compelling or forgetful, I think this album still provided a good story sequence with a good introduction track, subterranean tune with lots of depth, an upbeat domestic adventure, some feel-good fanfare music, and a huge epic finish with more twists than a SquareSoft RPG.

(DRF)The synth effects used were pretty varied as well; from the variety of beats to the unforgettable gain tune in Mustard. Some of the digitized voice samples were fun to hear, taking your attention off a focus shift, and the echo effect used in We Are Hi-Speed was even nice, but Saskrotch went overboard on them far too often.

Finishing a track with 30 seconds of jumbled voices only made me to forget about the rest of the track. While that is sad for a track like Mustard, with very memorable soft pitches, it is especially sad for The Hero Returns Home which doesn’t have as much to stand on.

(TP)The Pick will listen to Warming Up in its entirety again. It’d make an awesome single.

-Zack and Dr.Foot with the Pick

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